About Sun-AP Ecopower

Sun-AP Ecopower is leading and enabling solar system integrators and installers, implement and adapt the latest in solar technology for solar photovoltaic modules and inverters with high quality balance of system components to enable get maximum reliability, sustainability and cost effectiveness for installation of solar power plants for residential, institutional and commercial users.

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  • Pioneered by Industry Veterans with extensive field experience in solar for residential, industrial,commercial or institutional customers, SunAP Ecopower has brought the latest and the best in the Solar Industry Product and Solutions to enable customer delight.
  • Why SunAP products and solutions
    • Excellent track record of reliability, performance and life of products.
    • Products offered are to enable clients and customers make informed choice before selecting solar components, in any industry flooded with multiple or cheap offerings affecting long term reliability and performance.
    • Best in class products.
    • Latest in technology
    • High reliability products used across various global locations in different or extreme or coastal climates.
    • Simple and effective tools for real time monitoring using mobile app or computers.
    • Effective Guarantee for long term, Quick after sales support online or at field level.
    • Assistance in effective design.
    • Ease of plug and play.