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Go Solar, with the latest generation microinverters, the best in global technologies… With microinverters, we’re talking about one inverter PER SOLAR PANEL all linked in parallel, whereas a traditional string inverter configuration links several panels together in SERIES. This allows microinverters to maximize the energy harvest of each panel..

Latest global trends in solar

The Enphase Microinverter System provides a modular, scalable platform to connect roof-mounted solar PV modules with a typical building's alternating current (AC) load center or panel board. Enphase microinverters offer a simple and compelling solution to complex system implementation problems and safety issues associated with the direct current (DC) output of today's solar PV modules.

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Sun-AP brings you the most advanced technology products from leaders in solar energy. These products provide the best and latest solar energy applications for:

  • Grid Tied System solutions
  • Grid Tied Storage solutions
  • Off grid or Hybrid System solutions with batteries, diesel generator and grid.
  • Building Integrated Photovoltaics for façade

Best in class for all rooftop solar power plants for:

  • Residential Solutions
  • Institutional Solutions
  • Industry Solution
  • Commercial Solution