Official Authorized Distributors

Official Authorized Distributors

Amperehour Battery Storage System

AH-RESI ~ Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

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AmpereHour Energy was founded in 2017 by IIT Bombay alumni and power sector experts with a vision to create environmental and social impact through technological innovation in energy storage. They are creating solutions that will enable the world to transition towards 100% renewable energy.

Amperehour’s off-grid mini-grid solutions include a 3-phase or 1-
phase core energy storage stack capable of a both diesel generator
as well as PV integration. The solution also includes energy cost
minimization algorithms that can be tuned to your particular needs.
They have deployed multiple off-grid mini-grid solutions for rural
electrification across UP, Bihar and Maharashtra. Sun-AP is one of
the leading dealers and distributors of Amperehour Solar solutions.

On-Grid Solutions

For on-grid, behind-the-meter systems, they provide a completely
optimized PV+ESS mini-grid or an energy storage stack that can be
retrofitted onto existing PV systems to maximize PV utilization or
adapt to changing net metering regulations.


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